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Autobiographical Features You Must Know


Autobiographical Features

Autobiography has special characteristics that distinguish it from other texts, including someone's biographical text.

The characteristics that you can recognize from an autobiography are as follows.

  1. The content of an autobiography tells about a person's life journey based on experiences or memories and is written by the person himself
  2. The author pours information about his life from the difficult times he has passed to achieving success in detail as well as his conditions and feelings in detail
  3. Usually autobiographies only show positive things from a person's experience. In fact, autobiographies are often made to portray a public figure
  4. Generally, autobiographies are written so that the author's life journey is better known and known by the readers. Then it is hoped that the reader can learn valuable lessons and lessons from the experiences written in the autobiography.

If a text has the above characteristics, then you can confidently state that it is an autobiography.

Purpose of Autobiography

An autobiography is written to fulfill several specific purposes. These objectives include:

  1. So that other people know more and know the author more deeply.
  2. Provide lessons, illustrations and inspirational stories about a person's success journey, both in the fields of career, business, politics and so on.
  3. As material for imaging for someone
  4. An autobiography does not have to fulfill all of the above purposes. However, most autobiographies fulfill at least one of these three purposes.

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